Warning – COVID -19 cases are rapidly on the increase again, with a jump of 44% in the last 2 week.

There are now 482 Covid-19 patients in hospital, with 74 of them in ICU, 76 people admitted to hospital since Saturday

According to an update from the HSE a quarter of the country’s ICU beds are now being used to treat people with Covid-19, with only 11 adult public ICU beds left available in the system along with one paediatric ICU bed.

The hospital – health service are rightly worried they see first hand  how dangerous this situation is 1. the battles people of all ages, many with no underlying medical conditions put in fighting for their lives, a battle that sadly far too many lost. 2. The disruption it is having on providing the regular care to ill people through out the country, with hospital appointments having to be cancelled – re-scheduled.

We heading into winter and as you all know COVID-19 thrives on the cold weather.  Please follow the government and HSE advice  to reduce risk we all know what these are – facemasks in public places, regular handwashing, limited unnecessary contacts.

90% of people in Ireland are now fully vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated you at a higher risk.