FYI – Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and Thomas McCann are running an online ‘Spark Session’ for the Travelling community.

Join Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and Thomas McCann, founder of the Traveller Counselling Service for a free online session to learn more about coming up with ideas to solve problems that the Traveller community experience.

See how SEI can support you to work on your ideas and turn them into a real project or business!

Date: 2-3pm, Thursday 18th November, Location: online via Zoom

To Register: see attached link

Warning – COVID -19 cases are rapidly on the increase again, with a jump of 44% in the last 2 week.

There are now 482 Covid-19 patients in hospital, with 74 of them in ICU, 76 people admitted to hospital since Saturday

According to an update from the HSE a quarter of the country’s ICU beds are now being used to treat people with Covid-19, with only 11 adult public ICU beds left available in the system along with one paediatric ICU bed.

The hospital – health service are rightly worried they see first hand  how dangerous this situation is 1. the battles people of all ages, many with no underlying medical conditions put in fighting for their lives, a battle that sadly far too many lost. 2. The disruption it is having on providing the regular care to ill people through out the country, with hospital appointments having to be cancelled – re-scheduled.

We heading into winter and as you all know COVID-19 thrives on the cold weather.  Please follow the government and HSE advice  to reduce risk we all know what these are – facemasks in public places, regular handwashing, limited unnecessary contacts.

90% of people in Ireland are now fully vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated you at a higher risk.

President Michael D. Higgins` Speech at the Travellers in Prison Initiative Conference (Closing the Revolving Door) 5th Oct 2021. Where he reference the 1963 Itinerancy report and negative impact on the Traveller community, and Office Children Ombudsman recent report on Traveller children.

Love this Gentleman A President for All, the courage to speak the truth policies implemented from the 1963 Itinerancy Report, many of which continue to this day othering -discriminatory -racist is the root cause of the crisis/s the Traveller community is enduring.

President Higgins speech to Travellers in Prison Initiative conference – YouTube

Minceirs Whiden is very sadden to hear of the death of Michael McDonagh (Navan) May He Rest in Peace. Or thoughts and prayers are with Nell all their family on their tragic loss. Michael was an Icon of the Traveller community a lifelong campaigner for equality and Justice and one of the founding members of Minceirs Whiden.

As a mark of respect Minceirs Whiden office will be closed during the funeral.

Funeral times:  12 Noon  St. Mary’s Church, Navan, Funeral Mass can be viewed on Burial afterwards in St. Joseph’s Cemetery Fatima, Castletown Road, Dundalk.

Minceirs Whiden Traveller Political Participation “The Road Less Travelled” 23rd Sep 2021. A sit down discussion with key Traveller Activists.

Note: Live stream will be available from 10:00am and will begin at 10:45 am, 

The need for Traveller political participation, visibility and representation has long been recognised by Traveller organisation and activists, with a history of trying to mobilise the Traveller vote right back to the 1980’s, yet Traveller voter turnout continues to be very low.   

There has been some success with a number of Travellers contesting election and small number getting elected. 

Currently  Senator Eileen Flynn – is the only member of the community holding public office. Senator Flynn is doing an amazing job, there are many Travellers who are will able for  this challenge, the capacity  it there, it just needs to be encouraged and supported. 

By  2024 Minceirs Whiden  want the Traveller voice to be  heard in every political arena in Ireland.   Minceirs Whiden is  not interested in politics for the sake of politics , but we see it as a necessary tool in getting better outcome for the Traveller community,  over the decades Traveller Activist and Organisation locally and nationally have done amazing work putting the issues the community is dealing with on the table , along with the underlying cause and solutions,  however because of lack of  political will & support we haven’t been able to get the outcomes needed.

Minceirs Whiden is kicking of this project with  Traveller Political Participation, The Road Less Travelled” a sit-down discussion with key Traveller activist the 23rd of September 2021 in Athlone, invites to be part live  audience has been  issued to  local and national Traveller projects.  

The event will be live streamed see  attached link to register. Note: Live stream will be available from 10:00am and will begin at 10:30, 

Kathleen sherlock speaking the the 23rd at Traveller Political Participation conference , The Road Less Travelled,