5 Members of the Irish Traveller Community running as Election Candidates in the 2019 Local Elections

Members of the Irish Traveller Community running as Election Candidates in the 2019

Minceirs Whiden (Cant for Travellers Talking Ireland’s only all Traveller Forum) is pleased to announce that on 24th May 2019, 5 members of the Irish Traveller Community will be running as candidates in the 2019 Local Elections.

This is a historic and important event not just for the Irish Traveller Community, the Irish Political System but for Irish Society as a whole.
5 strong confident, capable people who will work hard for equality and justice not just for the Traveller community but for the wider communities they are part of.

  • TJ Hogan, Cork City, Independent
  • Julie O’Reilly, Longford, Independent
  • Martin Ward, Tuam, Aontú.
  • Catherine Coffey O’Brien, Cork. Workers Party
  • Ann Marie Roche Sinn Fein

We need to have the Traveller Voice heard in the political arena whose decisions are being made that directly impact our community.
There is no community in Ireland that has been so deeply and negatively impacted by political decisions or political inactions as our community examples:

  • 1963 Itinerancy Report that set out to eradicate our community to forced assimilation
  • Anti-Trespass Law,
  • The failures to implement Local Traveller Accommodation plan even though our government recognised Traveller accommodation was in Crisis in 1998, 20 years later that crisis is worse, while local authorities fail to deliver on their Traveller Accommodation Plans & Budgets go unused.

Minceirs Whiden has worked very hard over the past number of years within the Traveller community raising the importance of political participation for our community i.e. Voting and members of the Traveller community running as Election Candidates, joining political parties, to bring about positive change.

Our Community is in crisis, many see no future, this is evident in the high levels of depression, addiction, and suicides that has crept into our community in recent decades and that is having such a devastating impact on our families and community, so too in the feuding that exists within our community.

These are symptoms of oppression that can be seen mirrored in marginalised and disadvantaged communities around the world.
We need to see real changes, that address the racism and Anti Traveller bias that is so prevalent in Irish society and that the root cause of the accommodation, health, education and employment inequalities that the Traveller community experience.

We are Strong Proud People who despite unbelievable odds and adversity, inequality and injustices held on to our Traveller identity while still contributing so much to Irish society.

We good friends and good neighbours, yet we continually negatively stereotyped that reinforces anti Traveller bias that having such a negative impact on our people, young people.

Eileen Flynn Elected to the Seanad June 2020

Senator Eileen Flynn becomes the first Traveller senator in the Oireachtas , Taoiseach Micheal Martin appointed Eileen Flynn to Seanad Eireann on the 28th June 2020.